Thursday, December 25, 2008

Obligatory Holiday Entry

Happy holi-oli-olidays!

Things have been hectic as always. Neaaaarly done moving in to a new house (I got the master bedroom. Fook yes.) I made a tower of boxes:

It's pretty nice though. But a bit messy. Kristyn (le gal-pal) hasn't moved in with moi yeeet, but I have things set up. I made us little work stations (mine's the left) because I'm sooooo professional like that. 

...However I did scratch up my nice 26" Dell LCD something awful. Fuck.

Interesting trick though! Instead of looking at the scratches for the net four years, throw a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on there and you can't even see the scratches. Turns out the jelly has damn near the same density as the plastic used in Liquid Crystal Displays. Who knew? =D

I has a walk in closet (Soon to be overtaken by girly clothes):

And my own bathroom! The curtains have fish on them. Fucking sweet.

..But the mirror is a little dirty. Gross. But yeah, I'm stoked on this room. I actually even stole our old kitchen table to suit my drawing needs. Hoo-rah. 

I hope everyone's having a good holiday season. I drove 16ish(?) hours to Saskatoon in Oliver this last week to have Christmas with Kristyn's family. I learned several important things:

1. 24 year old vans arn't the warmest places on earth. Even with three pairs of socks and thick boots, I still got frostbite on my feet. Totally worth it, but this leads to important thing number two:

2. Opposite of America, Canada gets MORE hick the farther you go north. Example. I stopped to see if I could find some glove warmers to shove.. all over my body (you know the kind that are just little pouches that supposedly heat up and thus keep you warm) and I was met with this greeting: "Daym! Look at ch'yall! Dun even got none snow pants er nothin!". Made my day, even though I didn't find glove warmer things. His suggestion though? "Blast sommathat heavy metal music you like and rock out the whole way!". Needless to say, we're friends for life now.

3. Those glove warmer things I was just talking about? Fuck them. They don't work. I bought six pairs for myself at Walmart for the return trip. Nope. Four pairs failed to heat up even slightly. And other two pairs were day-old-soup warm. IE: not very.

Does three things count as several? Hm. Anyways, knowledge is power and now we know. My trip was swell otherwise, and life is pree alright. Off to the coast after boxing day. We'll see how that one goes.