Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the name of progress!

Vocals: Done.

All that's left is some tambourine, a few overdubs and the gang chants; then "We Had A Danceoff In a Thunderstorm" will be done. Oh yeah, the future is looking some kind of bright.

By the way, does anybody want to buy a PS3? I need a new gas pump for Oliver, and I already quit my job. Fuck me, right? I don't think that delivery job was even legal: 10 dollars per an entire shift? Come on, I wont be that desperate till I'm down in Vancouver next year. ;)

Speaking of uplifting thoughts, please please please check out this guy's comics! They're usually quazi-relivant-semi-fictional comments on society today with shots at pop icons, and notible figures from history. Oh, and regular (read: indie/alt) people too. Very left wing. And delicious. Pro choice, pro love pro not being a douche and in touch with your inner feelings. Not in that creepy emo way though. Here's one that I am going to randomly link to as a starting point. Warning: Lots of words. Always.

Anyways, that's it. And not very iiiiinteresting. But yes, I'll cap it off with this and then I'm off to bed:

My to do list for the next while:
Finish album art
Make portfolio website
Repaint Oliver with a Tremclad painjob (Seriously, you can get sweet results - DIY!)

Ready Steady GO!