Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Longer a Bum

There comes a day in every young musician/college student's life when they realize "Hey, maybe I'm just a little too broke. I should get a job". Turns out instruments, books, tuition and gas are all things that cost money! And so thanks to Quizno's, I've become a delivery driver.

It'll be like Initial D but with sandwiches and a Volkswagen van. Alright. Oliver's gunna start paying for himself, I dare say.

With that said, I'll still have plenty of free time. Work on Sharks! On Fire continues. A few more vocal tracks and she's done! The album art is coming along too. Shots to come eventually. I can't wait till we can officially announce the name change from Tickets To Tokyo.

Stay tuned! And order sandwhiches to your house so I can come say hi.

PS; Download this shit:

Progressive Alternative Ghetto Rock. Trust me, you'll like it. It always amazes me how much good music comes out of the California music scene! Bands like Lemuria and Shinobu and people like Mike Park! I have so much admiration for them. Maybe one day I'll end up down there, and we can all go get some pancakes and pussy.

One last thing before I forget; fans of Shinobu should check out Bears. It's Bob's new band and they have the same kind of low-fi, catchy awesomeness that you've come to love from Shinobu - but plus some upbeat love.