Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Bonjour! I'm going to start blogging more regularly again, as I now have myself a handy dandy laptop that I can lug around with me. My old EEE Netbook just wasn't cutting it.

Firstly, I recently stumbled across Quote Unquote Records! They do that whole "Download music and then donate if you feel like supporting the musicians" thing that seems to be hip with the kids. They've got a pretty good lineup of indie bands that don't suck, so if your a little short on new (good) music you should drop by. I'd suggest checking out the new Bomb The Music Industry album, Scrambles. And if you haven't heard of BTMI before, you need to check them out. Now. It's some of the best not-really-for-profit music I've ever heard, and it's really motivational to me as a musician.

Pretty much, let me lay this out for you. BTMI isn't a regular band. It's a dude. And his friends who often change. They make music, play shows, whatever. Here's the thing: Want some merch? Cool, bring a T-shirt and one of the guys will spray paint it at a show for you. Want to hear a song live? Cool, bring an instrument to the show and jam it out. How sweet is that? They are all about DIY, and so am I. Become their fan.

Anyways, that's that.